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Personal payday loans


Personal payday loans consist of long-term loans that give you the opportunity to fulfill your dreams and goals, whether Personal payday or business. You just have to go to one of their locations with the required documentation and you can quickly get the amount you need. for further clarification

Banamex is one of the most famous financial institutions in Mexico. With your personal payday loans, they can provide between $ 3,000 and $ 750,000 without the need for an endorsement or guarantees and with the lowest interest rate in the market.

Information about Personal Payday loans 

Main features

You can get up to $ 750,000 pesos with a fixed interest rate of 17% per month. The loan can last a minimum of 24 months and a maximum of 60 months, the equivalent of five years and does not require the submission of guarantees or guarantees.

How do they work?

How do they work?

The Personal payday loans granted by are available to all those people, both physical and legal, who are between 21 and 79 years old with 11 months and who have an account with the bank, be it checks, Master or Profiles. The steps to follow to do it are detailed in the following sections:

  1. Locate the branch closest to the address (or in which you are a customer). You can use the locator of the bank’s website, there are more than 1600 branches throughout the country.
  2. Present the current official identification and proof of income and address (original and copies)
  3. Ask for an appointment with one of the account executives to define the conditions of the Personal payday credit.
  4. Complete an application with Personal payday data, employment information, commercial, banking and Personal payday references.

Those people who are clients of the company, but have never requested a loan or have time without doing so, can enter into a pre-authorized credit status, for which they will notify by any of the contact methods. This means that has made an offer to apply for a loan to contact one of the branches to receive the details and accept the loan.

When initiating the procedure, the applicant will incur a commission for opening concept of 2.5% plus VAT, which is paid only once in the agreed term. This is calculated as the aforementioned percentage of the amount deposited and is added to the total amount of the loan.

On the other hand, to return them, offers the applicant three different means of payment, making them flexible. Among these, are:

  • Any of the branches available in the country making deposits at the window.
  • Through direct debit making the charges to the account of the person. This, at any time, can be canceled at no cost and in which case, you must use any of the other methods explained.
  • The last one is the same online service of the entity, BancaNet. With respect to the latter, customers can make payments on their loans through this system on the agreed date or limit for the payment of the fee.

What do I need to obtain a Personal payday loan at ?

What do I need to obtain a Personal payday loan at ?

As with any loan, obtaining it depends on certain conditions being met, and in the case of the Personal payday loan since it is a product that is contracted in person, it is necessary to know which are so as not to have to be transported to one of its branches on more than one occasion. These conditions are:

  • Be a Mexican or foreigner who presents a permanent residence card.
  • Be between 21 and 79 years old.
  • Demonstrate a minimum monthly income of 5000 Mexican pesos.
  • Have a fixed telephone at home.
  • Be a customer.



When requesting a loan, each bank identity asks for a certain number of requirements to approve the transaction. Some tend to be more flexible, while others need more documentation to finally grant the loan.

But not only that, but also they also offer different types of payment that vary with regard to the amounts of months, the interest rate, the benefits to the consumer, etc.

Bearing in mind that there are many other banking institutions that, with offers of similar products, Personal payday loans are ranked among the best, because the interest rate is the lowest with the longest term of all and giving the opportunity to the applicant get high amounts

Opinion about this product

Opinion about this product

There are not many institutions in Mexico that have such a positive track record and reputation as , which we take into account when analyzing the Personal payday loans they offer. That said, there are many other factors why here at Bonsai Finance we consider it a recommendable product for all people.

First, we have the characteristics of the loan itself. That is, having the ability to obtain $ 750,000 pesos payable at five years is a largely positive aspect. Additionally, the fact that the interest rate remains fixed at all times and is the lowest of the market – at 17% – compared with products of the same range offered by other entities, makes them very favorable.

On the negative side, we have that, although they do not indicate it as a requirement on their website, having a credit history increases the chances of the application being approved, more if it is positive. Therefore, we do indicate that if you do not have one or that your qualification, if it is negative, you refrain from making the request to hire this product.

How can you get a payday loan despite negative remarks?



For nearly all payday loan applications, the payday loanworthiness or remark of the applicants is checked. A negative remark entry even leads to the fact that the purchase of a new smartphone on installments is often not approved. A negative entry in the remark comes about when installments or bills are not settled on time, a dunning procedure is open or checks are burst. Often, a forgotten eradication can already make for a negative entry. If open claims of payday loanors have been settled, the negative remark entry remains valid for at least three years. fleshes this out

Since trifles are responsible for a positive commitment to a payday loan application, it is very difficult for many people to get a payday loan. It is also very common to hear that even a resident in an area with too high unemployment can cause a rejection.

Payday loan despite negative remark with a guarantor

Of course, banks or payday loan institutions want to hedge enough money despite a negative remark and of course want to get back the borrowed money. Obviously, a payday loan is a very big asset to the banks, which is why many banks are interested in forgiving payday loans. However, if certain criteria are not met, the banks are tied hands.

A payday loan despite a negative remark applicants can get with a payday loanworthy strong guarantor. The guarantor jumps in an emergency situation and pays the monthly installments. A guarantor may be a family member or a good friend. Of course, there must be some confidence of a borrower and a guarantor, because the banks do not ask for the background of an unpaid rate and ask the guarantor to pay. A guarantor who also has a negative entry to the remark is not allowed by the banks.

Apply for payday loan despite negative remark on the Internet

Not only has the Internet drastically changed our lives, it has also greatly accelerated certain things. In this way, payday loan applications can now also be made very easily and simply via the Internet. Some institutes advertise with a payday loan despite negative remark and smell the big money here. The institutions know very well that a payday loan with negative remark is not easy to get and want to attract many customers. Unfortunately, behind such ads often hide a lot of scammers. Applicants should therefore check very closely the details and the integrity of the payday loan institutions.

The exact amount for a payday loan despite negative remark

So that banks can minimize the risk of a payday loan despite negative remark, a payday loan amount is usually only granted up to an amount of € 5,000.00. Often, the borrower can choose the term of his own choice and, because of the chosen term, the monthly rate is calculated by itself. Borrowers should find a certain balance of duration and monthly installments. The longer of course the term is, the higher the accrued interest. A premature repayment of the payday loan should always be possible (for free).

Apply for payday loan abroad despite negative remark

Another way to get a payday loan despite negative remark, is at financial institutions abroad. In most cases, there are no exact and strict guidelines on the examination of remark, but customers have to pay higher interest and fees.

A payday loan despite negative remark is also possible via private individuals

A payday loan despite negative remark is also possible via private individuals

Contacts with such persons can be made via the Internet (platforms) and a payday loan despite a negative remark is usually no problem. Also, a minimum amount is usually not available for a payday loan over individuals.

Conclusion payday loan despite negative remark

If you want to apply for a payday loan despite negative remark, there are some variants. A payday loan despite negative remark over the Internet, from private persons or over foreign banks.