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Loan providers quick payday loans are mini-credits that can be obtained easily, quick paydayly and securely through its online platform. They are offered from $ 1,000 pesos to $ 10,000, and must be paid in 61 days. One of the best tools for when we need urgent money. You can get a maximum of $ 10,000 pesos in a period of just 24 hours.

Information about the loan providers online loans

Main features

Currently, we live in the midst of a digital era that provides solutions to most of the mishaps that come our way. Digital technologies allow practically everything within the reach of a click. Do not like to wait a long time for a product? You have a great tool like Amazon Prime. Do you feel like sharing moments instantly? Instagram and many other social networks are at your fingertips. The finances have not been left behind, because now there are private entities that offer quick payday and online loans.

Loan providers loans are mini-loans that give you the possibility to request from $ 1,000 to $ 10,000 pesos and have them deposited in the bank account in just 24 hours. They are fast, easy and safe, and the best thing is the fact of not having to present endorsements, guarantees or very exaggerated requirements, which are discussed below.

How do they work?

How do they work?

Loan providers states on its site that: “It combines the convenience of asking for the amount of money you need, paying it when you want and with a really simple process that can be done in just a few minutes.” This means that the user has full control, since he can send his request at the time he wants and from his preferred device, adjusting it to what he needs.

To apply, people only have to follow the procedure explained below:

  • The amount you want to borrow is adjusted and you click on “REQUEST”. In this step, one will see the parameters of the loan; the term, commissions and the CAT.
  • We proceed to fill out a form consisting of 3 stages. In the first, personal data are entered, that is, the name, surnames, date of birth, CURP, RFC, among others. Subsequently, you will fill out the contact information, such as the telephone number, email address and then enter the bank details.
  • The request is confirmed. Loan providers receives the request and proceeds to evaluate it, which does not take more than a day. Once the loan is approved, the company deposits the money in the account and that’s it.

Among the advantages that characterize the quick payday loans of Loan providers is the fact of having a CAT of 0% up to a certain amount. Requesting from $ 1,000 to $ 3,000 pesos, in Loan providers one will only pay the amount you requested, that is, if the loan of one is for $ 2,000 pesos, two months later, that will be the amount when paying, without commissions in small print, or other additional expenses hidden. If the amount is higher, a CAT of 2070% is already incurred, which decreases as the loan increases, with a minimum of 1333%.

With respect to duration, Loan providers is handled differently than other online lenders, as its loans, regardless of the amount requested, have a duration of 61 days. In this sense, the payment of the loan, although it is not clearly specified on your website, everything is done at the end.

On the other hand, being an entity that operates entirely through the internet, Loan providers is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year and unlike other lenders that operate in traditional banking, with Loan providers you do not have to give explanations of any reason.

What do I need to get a Loan in Loan providers?

As mentioned above, Loan providers online loans are available at all times to anyone who needs them and, like many of the companies that operate in the field of online loans, the requirements are minimal. With this company, to obtain a loan, it will be essential to have the following conditions:

  • Being over 18 years.
  • Reside legally and permanently in Mexico.
  • Be in possession of an official identification: IFE / INE.
  • Have a proof of address (TELMEX, Megacable, Axtel, IZZi, Total Play, Water, etc).
  • Be the ONLY holder of a Mexican bank account.
  • Have a national cell phone number and an email address.

The company makes clear that these requirements can not be from another person, because the mobile phone provided will be registered in your system in line with the DNI or NIE of the applicant, that is, that the identification number will remain linked to the telephone number. The same happens with the bank account. In the event that the data does not match, the request will be rejected.



There are many reasons why requesting a loan from conventional banks is such a stressful and frustrating experience. First, explaining what the loan will be used for is not something we like to do. Additionally, there are the waiting times, which, with the banks (leaving the side rows that can be interminable in and of themselves), can take up to months for a response to be obtained.

All these are not problems with the mini credits of Loan providers, a financial product recommended to all people who have an urgent financial problem to solve.

Opinion about this product

Opinion about this product

Being able to have up to $ 3,000 pesos in our bank account within 24 hours after making the request and having to pay exactly the same 61 days later is an extremely interesting aspect as far as online loans are concerned, and that is why our opinion about them is positive even if the amount that is going to be requested is greater than $ 3,000 pesos.

However, one point that caught our attention when checking all the information about this platform is its lack of legal documentation. While on their website they have links to pages such as “Terms and Conditions”, “Cookies Policy” and “Privacy Policy”, all the content on these pages makes mention of the laws of Spain, not being registered with organizations as the CNBV, the Condusef, among others. Even on your site, there is no contact data from Mexico with which we can communicate. This can lead us to think that it is simply another of the many organizations dedicated to taking advantage of people’s desperation and urgency to swindle them.

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