24-member State Council offered $ 3.4 million car loan

Members of the Council of State with President Akufo-Addo after taking the oath

Regarding the loans for the purchase of cars for public office holders, it appeared that the government also filed an offer of a car loan of $ 3.4 million for members of the State Council.

The National Investment Bank’s loan request was communicated by Deputy Finance Minister Abena Osei Asare on the same day that a $ 28 million car loan was granted to lawmakers.

According to reports, the 24-member State Council has requested that cars perform their functions.

It appears, however, that the loan offer for the Council of State escaped public attention with that of the deputies taking dominance.

Parliament has been heavily criticized and asked to reject the offer, but some MEPs believe they deserve it more.

South Dayi MP Rockson-Nelson Dafeamekpor, in an interview with Joy News, suggested that some MPs rely on the appeal service to carry out their parliamentary duties.

“The Supreme Court justices have land cruisers, they haven’t had any loans to buy their land cruisers. Ministers of State have land cruisers or official vehicles. Yesterday, I saw in the newspapers that another facility is taken by the executive to acquire official vehicles for members of the Council of State.

“The deputies are the only category of holders of article 71 not to have an official vehicle. So if the deal is to get us a loan to buy company cars, I think that’s very wrong.

“My position is that the government should take action and provide us with official vehicles to perform the functions of our office over the next four years, as is done for all other categories,” he said.

Another member of the minority, Yusif Sulemana (Bole), said the backlash was not justified as MPs would repay the loan.

He said: “In some cases, when MPs leave office, vehicles are even auctioned off to them. It comes at a huge cost, but people don’t know it and the general public don’t even watch it.

“All they hear is MPs taking out loans to buy vehicles. This is a loan that we take and the loan will be paid off. At four, it’s over (and) I should have paid off the loan. So I don’t see where the problem is. I don’t blame them because we refused to hire them and explain to them exactly what’s going on.

But Patrick Yaw Boamah, vice-chairman of the Parliament’s finance committee, believes MPs should reject the offer.

“If I had my way I would tell my colleagues to reject the facility for the simple reason that all other branches of government vehicles are purchased for them without going through the process where the media are always on the backs of deputies for contracts a loan.

“If the public thinks MPs don’t deserve a vehicle to get around, we need to know that, so we know our limits and what the finance ministry can do to support our work,” he said.

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